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Monthly Special Offers!

Are you Lutterworthy enough for these offers? Of course you are! Check out this months line up of discounted titles. The usual suspects:                 Peacemaking and Religious Violence: From Thomas Aquinas to Thomas Jefferson By Roger A. Johnson A penetrating study of the history of violence within Christianity,… Continue reading Monthly Special Offers!

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Anniversary of Kierkegaard!

Yesterday, the 5th of May 2015 marked the 202nd anniversary of the birth of Soren Kierkegaard, the thinker known as the “Father of Existentialism”. Kierkegaard was a Danish philosopher who wrote critical texts on organised religion, morality, ethics and psychology. His theological work focused on Christian ethics, the institution of the church and proofs of Christianity.… Continue reading Anniversary of Kierkegaard!

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IT’S TRUE!* and what’s more, we’re giving one away to one lucky winner! *sort of… For those of you who missed out on Guru Magazine’s Competition (click the logo to catch up!) we are running our own mini competition with a fantastic prize! If you can answer the puzzle below, lifted from the pages of… Continue reading #HIGGS BOSON DISCOVERED IN CAMBRIDGE PUBLISHING HOUSE!

Special Offers

“forcing all creation into the tip of his brush”

BOOK OF THE MONTH: Buddha and Christ: Images of Wholeness by Robert Elinor Price £52.50 £44.63 Offer ends 30th September 2011 Here at Lutterworth Press we’re getting excited about our sister imprint’s forthcoming book The Process of Buddhist-Christian Dialogue by Paul Ingram ; so we’ve decided to whet your appetite for all things Buddhist by… Continue reading “forcing all creation into the tip of his brush”