Swallows, Amazons and Coots: The Launch!

On Friday 23rd September, the Lutterworth team set sail for an Arthur Ransome adventure, featuring author Julian Lovelock, High Sheriff of Buckingham, Millie Soames and the original Titty Walker- best known as Sophie Neville- at the helm! We were delighted to have launched the hotly anticipated Swallows, Amazons and Coots: A Reading of Arthur Ransome… Continue reading Swallows, Amazons and Coots: The Launch!


Meet the Author: Our Q&A with Julian Lovelock

In the highly anticipated lead-up to the release of Swallows, Amazons and Coots later this month, we were able to catch up with author, Julian Lovelock to hear all about his motivations, interests and upcoming projects! 1. What inspired you to write Swallows, Amazons and Coots: A Reading of Arthur Ransome? It began life as… Continue reading Meet the Author: Our Q&A with Julian Lovelock

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#Review ‘Words of Power: Reading Shakespeare and the Bible’

by Thomas Creedy   I was delighted to recieve a copy of this book in the post, as it combines a number of my passions in one ‘handy’ volume. Regular readers will know that I am passionate about reading, the Bible, and books in general. Old friends will also know that I had a limited… Continue reading #Review ‘Words of Power: Reading Shakespeare and the Bible’


#Review Baptists and War

Baptists and War Essays on Baptists and Military Conflict, 1640s–1990s By Gordon L. Heath and Michael A.G. Haykin (editors) ISBN: 9780718894085 “I found Maurice Dowling’s essay on ‘Soviet Baptists and the Cold War’ the most interesting: reflecting Russia from the inside, rather than from what one might call the speculation of less favourably disposed outsiders.” Revd… Continue reading #Review Baptists and War


#Review Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason Hidden Heritage and Educational Influence By Margaret A. Coombs ISBN: 9780718894023 “She [Margaret Coombs] offers a comprehensive and splendidly illustrated account of her subject, carefully recording the influence of the clergy, who had such a controlling interest in education in Mason’s time.” Dr. Wheeler, Church Times, 22nd April 2016


#Reviews Angel Roofs of East Anglia

The Angel Roofs of East Anglia Unseen Masterpieces of the Middle Ages By Michael Rimmer ISBN: 9780718893699 “…this volume would grace the library of anyone who shares a love of the medieval churches of East Anglia.” Nicholas R. Amor, The Ricardian, XXXI, 2016 “This beautifully illustrated guide to these ‘unseen masterpieces of the Middle Ages’… Continue reading #Reviews Angel Roofs of East Anglia


#Reviews Subversive Peacemakers

Subversive Peacemakers War Resistance 1914–1918: An Anglican Perspective By Clive Barrett ISBN: 9780718893675 “Clive Barrett makes a valuable scholarly contribution to the war’s hidden history by documenting the stories of its half-forgotten subversive peacemakers who placed conscience before country… ” (Read the full review here) James  G.R. Cronin, Reviews in History, 28th April 2016 “As… Continue reading #Reviews Subversive Peacemakers