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From May 16th to May 22nd will be held in Edinburg the 2015 General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. The first assembly took place in 1560 after the Scottish Reformation that created what is informally known as the Kirk. That’s 455 years of debates and questioning (if you are wondering if I calculated this in my head, the answer is yes, what I wouldn’t for the sake investigation). The Assembly is an occasion for the Church of Scotland to reflect and discuss the matters of gospel and faith, the trying questions that a twenty-first century church have to face in the ever-changing modern world. This is also an opportunity for us to focus on this institution in those post-election times, to maybe have a better understanding of the powers at play. If the Kirk is not a national church as is the Church of England, it is no question that its voice carries weight in the current issues as it always did.

As to confirm that the interest is very much alive for the institution, one of our forthcoming title to be published in 2016 will focus on Thomas Chalmers, once leader of the Church of Scotland and one of the most important churchman in the 19th century (The Pilgrimage and Conversion of Thomas Chalmers: Following his journey from Anstruther to Glasgow by David C. Jackson). I also greatly encourage you to check our title, Send Back the Money!: The Free Church of Scotland and American Slavery by Iain Whyte to learn about this important event in the history of the Church.

If you want to follow the General Assembly, the debates will be webcasted at the following link: and a regular updates are available on the website of the Church of Scotland. This year again, the event will certainly raise many important questions and promise certainly be very interesting and compelling for the curious minds.

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Anniversary of Kierkegaard!


Click here to see all our Kierkegaard titles!

Yesterday, the 5th of May 2015 marked the 202nd anniversary of the birth of Soren Kierkegaard, the thinker known as the “Father of Existentialism”. Kierkegaard was a Danish philosopher who wrote critical texts on organised religion, morality, ethics and psychology. His theological work focused on Christian ethics, the institution of the church and proofs of Christianity. In the 20th century, Kierkegaard’s work didn’t only influence philosophers but made a considerable impact on literature and psychology, effecting ideas of modernity and postmodernity. Quoted, misquoted, translated and shared, his essays are available in different languages throughout the world.

To celebrate this auspicious birth we’re offering 20% off our newly re-printed edition of Kierkegaard’s Gospel of Sufferings (translated by A.S. Aldworth and W.S. Ferrie). The offer is available on our website using the code GOSRP20JC until the end of June.

And that is not the only Kierkegaardian title we have avaiable. See see them all, click the photo!

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TheoMedia: The BookLaunch!

theo mediaRevd Dr Andrew Byers, a PhD student in New Testament at Durham University and the author of Faith Without Illusions: Following Jesus as a Cynic-Saint (2011) came up with his new book last year, TheoMedia:The Media of God and the Digital Age where he tried to reflect the church’s relation with the new media.

Here, the author reminds us that the actual concept of media is ancient, theological, and even biblical. In fact, there is such a thing as the media of God. “TheoMedia” are means by which God communicates and reveals himself – creation, divine speech, inspired writings, the visual symbol of the cross, and more.

If you are intrigued by the theme of the book and have’nt had an opportunity to read it, then here is your turn to get hold of an author signed copy and attend the book launch.

Venue: Bowes Dining Room, St Johns College,
3 South Bailey, Durham, DH1 3RJ

Time:Tuesday 28 April 2015, 6.15 pm


If you would like to attend, please RSVP at Please indicate if you would like to purchase a signed copy of the book, at the special dicounted price.

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Earth Day !

If you needed a reason to save the Earth… Credit:

Today is April 22nd.

In addtion to being the anniversary of the first release of Shrek in theatre (the more you know right?) it’s also Earth Day! And everyone is invited. Yes every  7,309,910,105 (at the second I’m typing this post) of you.

Good for you Jack, that’s the spirit.

Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22nd, on which day events worldwide are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

(Thank you Wikipedia).

Random fact about the Earth:

It’s round and revolves around the sun.

“That what I was saying all along! ” – Galileo probably.

Well, that was a good introduction wasn’t it? I’m sure you are all wondering what can be more exciting than that.

I know everyone loves a good heated and controversial debate (that dress was obviously blue and black) but it’s not what today is about. I could rant about this little thing called global warming, don’t know if you have heard of it. I could blame humanity, declare us doomed by our own fault and end my days in the woods talking to the trees. But I won’t. There is no point in drowning ourselves in sorrow and self-hatred.

‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’

That’s what Mahatma Gandhi said. I tend to think he was an Ok kind of guy.

Today might be the occasion to make a pledge. You don’t have to go full Vegan but could for example have a look at those 50 ways to help the Earth. Start small; everything is a little step for a better world. Be aware and think.

As a starting point, may I suggest What in God’s Name Are You Eating?: How Can Christians Live and Eat Responsibly in Today’s Global Village?. Andrew Francis reflects on the issues that interest us today and open the debate about our consumptions habits. Or Global Warming: Are We Entering the Greenhouse Century? By Stephen H. Schneider that already warned us in 1990 (that was 25 years ago!) about this environmental issue.

Well, and if you’re dying to discover which animal you are, check the google home page. Google, always first on what really matters. I’m a pangolin by the way…

Here, have a Nice Earth Day, the gifs are on me. You’re welcome.

Laura S.

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Creative License: Book Launch is here!

Blackwells event flyer-1_Page_1“On the road up to the University, the gleaming new purpose-built Leeds Polytechnic awaited the arrival of the students and staff of the art college. All the latest facilities were in place. The only thing missing was any concept of what to expect.” (James Charnley, Creative License)

Creative License captures the rebellious trajectory of the 1960s, the emergence of the counter-culture, dissent and later disillusionment. This is a case study of an era when art colleges were well funded and well free and, at Leeds, had a mission to progress the avant-garde project to the next level.

Lutterworth Press brings the book launch of Creative License to its very own city  of leeds. A not to be missed opportunity to get your author signed copies along with maximum discounts to complement evrybody’s excitment.

Venue: BLackwell’s University Bookshop, 21 Blenheim Terrace, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds LS2 8HJ

Time: 6:30PM, Thursday 16th April 2015


If you would like to attend, please RSVP at Please indicate if you would like to purchase a signed copy of the book, at the special price of £20 (RRP £25).

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Review! Returning to Reality

Click on the image for more information and details!Returning to reality: Thomas Merton’s Wisdom for a Technological Age

by Phillip Thompson

ISBN: 9780718892951

“Professor Phillip M. Thompson proposes a critique of technique, targeting three topics: the risks of a nuclear war, the excessive amount of information, and overall the obsessive omnipresence of technology in our everyday life, from work to leisure, with direct consequences for our ways of thinking.”

Yves Laberge, Theological Book Review, volume 26, no 1, 2014

Click on the image for more information and details!

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Review! Communicating the Faith Indirectly

9780227174111_cover communicating.inddCommunicating the Faith Indirectly: Selected Sermons, Addresses, and Prayers

Paul L. Holmer &  David J. Gouwen and Lee C. Barrett III (eds)

ISBN: 9780227174111
“This is an intensely intellectual and spiritual work of practical Theology that will particularly profit all University students interested in pastoral Theology, and also clergy and those preparing for ordination, but ultimately any thinking Christian would be blessed by this book.”

Christopher Villiers, Theological Book Review, volume 26, no 1, 2014

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Creative License

The Lutterworth Press:

A wonderful review of our recent launch of ‘Creative License: From Leeds College of Art to Leeds Polytechnic, 1963–1973′, by James Charnley

Originally posted on REAL-TIME:

James Charnley’s authoritative and long-awaited book on the history and development of art teaching in Leeds has just been published by Lutterworth Press, Cambridge.

Creative License Poster

Creative License – From Leeds College of Art to Leeds Polytechnic (2014, Lutterworth Press) is the first study of its kind to focus on the revolutionary approaches to art teaching that were born in Leeds (instigated by Harry Thubron at Leeds College of Art in the late 1950s) and developed throughout the 1960s and 70s into the radical, experimental and at times controversial art associated with the Fine Art department in the Polytechnic era.


Thubron’s Basic Course is credited with having invented the model of what we know as the modern art school, characterised as a place where ‘process, imagination and spontaneity were elevated over technique’. The traditional boundaries between painting and sculpture torn down, literally – the studio space opened up and students encouraged explore…

View original 837 more words

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Review! Pope Francis

Pope Francis 9780718893422

Click on the image for more information and details!

Pope Francis: His Life and Thought

By Mario I. Aguilar

ISBN: 9780718893422

“Aguilar does a great service in articulating the hermeneutic of continuity between his [Pope Francis] pastoral ministry at home and his papal mission.”

Kevin O’orman, The Furrow, vol.LXVI no.3, March 2015

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Review! Subversive Peacemakers

Click on the image for more information and details!

Click on the image for more information and details!

Subversive Peacemakers

:War resistence 1914-1918

By Clive Barrett

ISBN: 9780718893675

“This is a remarkable book on an unancipated subject […]. One must admire the width of his research. The book has excellent end notes, bibliography and index. It should be a long standing reference.”

Ian Simpson, Headingley Perish Magazine, March 2015

“[…]It is a vitally usefull addition to the literature on the subject. I have already drawn on it several times in my own teachings.”

Symon Hill, Third Way, vol.39, no.2, March 2015

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