Event! St Nicholas’s Chapel, King’s Lynn

Invitation1Today, we’re celebrating the release of Michael Rimmer’s new book! With more than seventy-five beautiful, full-page colour photographs, The Angel Roofs of East Anglia: Unseen Masterpieces of the Middle Ages is a stunning testament to the craftsmanship of a bygone era.

Called “outstanding” by D.P. Mortlock, an expert on East Anglian churches, and “wonderful” by David Leviatin, editor of The Mortice and Tenon Magazine, Rimmer’s book is a study in the glory offered by medieval art and architecture, ninety percent of which was destroyed in the iconoclasm of the Reformation. The angel roofs survived only because they were too high up to reach, and have remained largely undocumented for the same reason, until now. In this exquisite collection of pictures, Michael Rimmer has created a record for the ages.

The book is going to be launched at the Friends of St Nicholas Grand Public Re-opening and Heritage Open Day on 12-13th September in King’s Lynn. The event, organised to celebrate the completion of a £2.7 million restoration to the chapel, is open to the public and you are invited!

Enjoy a splendid day out, suitable for the whole family, at St Nicholas’s Chapel, with guided tours of the restored church, a riotous medieval mock trial performed by Happening History, and a free community concert in the evening, with local musicians teaming up to honour the occasion.

For times, contacts and more details, check out the Churches Conservation Trust website.

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ReVisioning: Critical Methods of Seeing Christianity in the History of Art

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James Romaine and Linda Stratford’s ReVisioning


Critical Methods of Seeing Christianity in the History of Art

edited by James Romaine and Linda Stratford

ISBN: 9780718893361

“The essays in this book offer detailed attention to particular works in a way that often brings fresh understanding. Anyone interested in the relationship between Christian faith and art will find much that is helpful.”

Richard Harries, Modern Believing, 56.3, July 2015

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Review! Richard Aldington

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Vivien Whelpton’s Richard Aldington: Poet, Soldier and Lover 1911-1929

Richard Aldington: Poet, Soldier and Lover 1911-1929

by Vivien Whelpton

ISBN: 9780718893187

Whelpton’s account is formidably thorough, and a valuable addition to the biographical resources previously available to the Aldington scholar; it will also be useful to students of the First World War, modernist literature and the early twentieth century […] Vivien Whelpton has made an important contribution to Aldington scholarship, and I await the proposed volumes detailing Aldington’s early and late years with interest.

Andrew Frayn, New Canterbury Literary Society News,

Vol. 43, Issue 1, Spring 2015

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Review! The Scarlet Woman and the Red Hand

Joshua T. Searle's The Scarlet Woman and the Red Hand

The Scarlet Woman and the Red Hand: Evangelical Apocalyptic Belief in the Northern Ireland Troubles – click through to buy!

The Scarlet Woman and the Red Hand

Evangelical Apocalyptic Belief in the Northern Ireland Troubles

by Joshua T. Searle

ISBN: 9780718893729

This book provides a fascinating insight into the role, interpretation, dissemination and uptake of apocalyptic-eschatological texts. It is nuanced, complex, and sometimes difficult to read, but it is worth the effort as it fills a lacuna in our understanding of the role of religion in the formation of identity and the interconnection of religion and politics in the Irish context, and it adds greatly to the manner in which the recent conflict in the North is viewed and understood.

Miriam Moffitt, Irish Theological Quarterly, August 2015

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Interview with Stan Goff!

Stan Goff's Borderline

Stan Goff’s Borderline – Click through to buy!

An interview with the author of our new title, Borderline, a penetrating analysis of the collaboration between war, misogyny and religion.

Stan Goff, a soldier turned pacifist, brings an insightful perspective to the age-old darkness in the human heart. Hear his thoughts here.

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Review! The Artist and the Trinity

The Artist and the Trinity: Dorothy L. Sayers' Theology of Work

The Artist and the Trinity by Christine M. Fletcher – click through for more details!

The Artist and the Trinity

Dorothy L. Sayers’ Theology of Work

by Christine M. Fletcher

ISBN: 9780718893347

This excellent book prompted me to reflect that it is easy for those of us in ministry, encouraged perhaps by managerialist ecclesiastical bureaucracies, to view our own work as a set of outcomes to be achieved and problems to be solved over such issues as numerical growth, money, and buildings. But Sayers provides us with another way of conceiving it: as a work of artistic creativity.

Reverend Dr Edward Dowler, Church Times 29th May 2015

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Review! The Atheist’s Primer

Atheist's Primer

The Atheist’s Primer by Michael Palmer – click for more details!

The Atheist’s Primer

by Michael Palmer

ISBN: 9780718892975

Palmer’s book is refreshing in that it approaches atheism from a philosophical perspective, reviewing the major intellectual objections against the notion of God from the ancient world to the present…These form a narrative of Western atheism’s progression that is highly readable and accessible to the general reader.

Richard Viladesau, Journal of Theological Studies,Volume 75.3, September 2014

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Review! James Charnley’s Creative License

Creative License by James Charnley

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Creative License

From Leeds College of Art to Leeds Polytechnic 1963-1973

by James Charnley

ISBN: 9780718893477

The book is far more than a narrow history of a period in the development of a regional art college. The text illuminates a world that is far removed and unrecognisable from any phase of education today. James Charnley writes in a clear style that avoids jargon and any attempt to over-theorise or confuse the reader with esoteric language.

Ted Kennedy, National Society for Education in Art and Design, 29th April 2015

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Review! Trinity After Pentecost

Trinity After Pentecost 9780718893330Trinity After Pentecost

by William P. Atkinson

ISBN: 9780718893330

‘This is a fine, concise, systematic and inspiring book about the Trinity. Atkinson’s style, as those who have read his other books know, is noted for its clarity and precision…This is a book that I hope will become a classic among Pentecostals since it addresses issues that are well beyond the sterile argumentation that sometimes occurs.’

William K. Kay, Journal of the European Pentecostal Theological Association,

Volume 35 Issue 1, April 2015

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Review! In the Fellowship of His Suffering

In the Fellowship of his Suffering_9780718893828

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In the Fellowship of His Suffering

A Theological Interpretation of Mental Illness

by Elahe Hessamfar

ISBN: 9780718893828

Elahe Hessamfar’s book is most welcome, revealing and challenging to psychiatry, theology, religion and academia […] I commend this book to the readers of MHC&R for its revelations and its challenge to all embroiled in the care and treatment of mental illness, the forgotten leprosy of our times.

John Foskett, Chaplain Emeritus of Bethlem and Maudsley Hospitals

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