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Can You Judge a Book by its Cover?

Our editorial team here at The Lutterworth Press put a lot of hard work into designing the covers of our books, often being sent back to the drawing board just to make minor adjustments! A lot of thought is put behind the cover layout, design and image selection. Here’s some of our recent covers from the last year, what do you think of them? Do they represent the books well? Do they grasp your interest or make you want to display it decoratively on your bookshelf? What do they say about the books themselves?

2 thoughts on “Can You Judge a Book by its Cover?

  1. My favourite is the book from Simone Weil (I’m biased, I know…). The cover looks extremely professional and it makes me wonder of the book is part of a series, like a collection of essays on feminism, or something similar. The face of the author in the background is quite subtle and a good job has been made here! I think that The Healing Tradition of the New Testament has been done very well: even though the painting is heavy in colour and symbolism, the book title is still prominent enough not to be lost in the painting. My least favourite one? The Destruction of Sodom. I don’t like the change of font (italics/roman) as I think it is quite disruptive for the eye. Moreover the painting that has been used is very dark and maybe something more symbolical (instead of such a straightforward representation of Sodom) should have been used.

    1. I agree that the Simone Weil is the best – simple, clear and also a lovely (and unusual) colour.

      One of the difficulties I had doing covers for the first time is trying to make text stand out on a varied image, particularly a photograph – paintings quite often have deep colours that support text well, but photographs can have really indeterminate shades that make text practically invisible.

      – Angharad

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